White bird minimalist alabaster sculpture

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White bird original alabaster sculpture in a minimalist style by Canadian artist. High polished translucent stone on rectangle marble base

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This white bird alabaster sculpture is carved in minimalist style yet detailed enough to represent the character. The stone is white semi-translucent Italian alabaster that makes a stunning display when light is placed behind. The stone seems to glow.

Carved with traditional hand tools and polished with standard water base sandpapers to a 2000 grit smoothness and shine. The white bird sealed and buffed with natural nontoxic bee wax. The base stone is a white rectangle shape marble that is polished as well and that is where it’s signed and dated too.

8″ x 4.5″ x 2.5″            20 x 11.5 x 6 cm.            2.182 kg.

Alabaster is a relatively soft stone one of the most used carving mediums by professionals and beginners equally. White is the most common color however a few other tones are also available on the market like gray or red. See all my alabaster carvings here.

Raw alabaster stone is usually on stock or could be acquired in a few days for custom order or commision work. If you’d like to have a carving from this stone but you don’t have talent or time to do it yourself I’ll be happy to carve it for you. Just send me a basic idea of your design, and we can work together on the piece.



1 review for White bird minimalist alabaster sculpture

  1. warrenjw3

    This is an inventive and beautiful sculpture! I have a collection of bear carvings and sculptures, but I have never seen any quite like this one.

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