Variscite pendant necklace, Utah origin stone

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This Variscite pendant is designed in a modern minimalist style handmade jewelry with silver setting and necklace. The stone to improve intellect and logic.

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Variscite pendant with prominent apple green color from Utah state. Hand-polished natural stone designed for a long modern style pendant. Set with sterling silver jewelry wire created twist cap hanger and snake chain necklace.

stone size, 56.9 x 15.8 x 8.3 mm                 46.40 ct.           overall pendant height, 67.1 mm

The stunning color of Variscite is created by the presence of chromium in the aluminum phosphate. Identified as a unique specimen in 1837 in Germany was first discovered. This crystal is a Utah-origin collection, sometimes called Utahlite. This variscite pendant is recommended for a taller person because of its size.

The pendant is hand cut, designed to free form shape, and polished on lapidary diamond wheels. The minimalist style setting is created with 21 gauge round and half round jewelry wire, that runs through a drilled 1 mm hole a safe method that allows the stone’s entire size shown. The necklace is also sterling silver, an Italian-made smooth snake chain, available in 18″, 20″, 24″ x 1.05 mm sizes to select from.

It is believed that Variscite helps to improve intellect and logic.

This specimen hardly comes by, but we managed to acquire a supply of raw stone direct from the source. We can cut any size and shape of the pendant with your preferred setting and necklace.

1 review for Variscite pendant necklace, Utah origin stone

  1. Janne

    Purchased a few of their items. All first rate. Thank you.

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