Traditionally stone carving blue Lily sculpture


Traditional stone carving Abstract sculpture hand carved blue Anhydrite free standing Lily. Crystallized natural hard and dense marble look stone art by carver.

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Traditionally stone carving light blue Anhydrite the zero water stone very rigid marble looking stone with white and brownish natural veins a free standing Abstract Lily sculpture A brand new original 3D contemporary modern art carved by me Gabriella signed and dated

9″ x 6 x 6″ 23 x 16 x 16 cm
3.480 kg.

Anhydrite is a relatively common sedimentary mineral that forms massive rock layers. Anhydrite does not form directly, but is the result of the dewatering of the rock forming mineral Gypsum. This loss of water produces a reduction in volume of the rock layer and can cause the formation of caverns as the rock shrinks. Good mineral specimens of Anhydrite were extremely rare despite its common occurrence. However, fine specimens of Anhydrite have been found in Mexico and Peru that show good crystal habit, a nice blue color and even a play of light internally in the crystal.
Lilac blue Anhydrate is sometimes called Angelite, for it’s “Angelic” color.

Showcase of original sculptures, and colorful stone carvings direct by Canadian artist. Soapstone and alabaster stones are the main medium, but some interesting stone specimen carvings also available for purchase. All carvings, by Gabriella /sagastone/ signed and dated, an authentication certificate always attached with the carving.
Custom carving request always welcome. Soapstone and alabaster pieces on stock most of the time, however all carving require different size and color.

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