Stone for anxiety Lepidolite necklace

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Best stone for anxiety purple sparkly natural mineral Lepidolite necklace. Sterling silver wire wrapped oval shape large size pendant handmade gemstone jewelry.

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It’s a non prescription stone for anxiety stress reliever. Lepidolite necklace oval shape quite a large size pendant, with lot’s of tiny silvery sparkles in it. A relatively soft crystal composed mainly of Mica and usually contain a large amount of Lithium. The soft purple color has a soothing calming effect, what makes this crystal a popular jewelry.Hand cut and polished on diamond wheels with a nine steps process by using finer and finer grits up to 50.000 to achieve a bright shiny finish. The pendant is set with sterling silver 21 gauge square and half round jewelry wire wrapping, a safe, modern looking hanging, what focuses more to the stone than the setting. The raw mineral prospected locally in British Columbia Canada. The pendant comes with a silver plated 20″ x 1.5 mm snake chain necklace, or with a 2 mm leather lace of your choice.

A limited quantity of raw Lepidolite still available for custom shape and size cutting.

stone size:  39.5 x 24.5 x 8.1 mm   65.45 ct.

overall pendant size including chain ring, 56.4 mm

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