Stone coasters, hand carved Egyptian symbols

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These handsome stone coasters are hand-carved from natural slate, featuring a design of an ancient Egyptian symbol. Perfect for house warmings and anniversaries

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Egyptian design stone coasters, natural untreated Jade green Slate round shape set with hand carved ancient symbols. The stone’s top surface is split face, kind of coarse, yet smooth enough. The edges smooth sanded, and back is cork padded.

The Slate stone is 100% natural, no chemicals or aditives used to create it. It’s a durable stone, slow absorbing, tested for red wine and coffee, that doesn’t leave stain.

Easy to clean with a demp cloth. Makes a thoghtful gift idea for house warming or anniversaries.

Custom design always welcome, without any extra charge. Names, logos or any special design with fast turn around.

4″ diameter
Ankh, Symbol of eternal life.
Scarab, called the dung beetle
Sesen, a Lotus Flower. This is a symbol of the sun, of creation and rebirth.
Udjat, the sound eye of Horus. Symbolizes healing and protection.

About stone coasters

We have begun cutting and carving stone coasters since 2013, with the intent of showing our fellow stone lovers different specimens by color and shape.

However, a few experiments taught us that many types of stones are not suitable for the purpose.

We had to rule out marble, granite because of the slippery surface, limestone because it absorbs stain, Travertine for its air pockets, and so on.

Finally, one stone type, Slate, passed all the tests, and now we offer only these coasters in black and green colors.

The designs are fantasy creations, ancient symbols with a little unique touch, and of course, Canadian-related nature and cultural motives.

We also offer custom-carved sets, with your own unique design, without any extra charge.

Many ready to ship sets are available. An excellent gift idea for house warmings and anniversaries. We can also customize it by carving or engraving names, logos, or a short message on the edges, whatever fits there, for free of charge.


1 review for Stone coasters, hand carved Egyptian symbols

  1. CTG

    These coasters are solid and very well made. They are lovely and will work well as coasters and/or accent pieces

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