Soapstone alabaster, pieces for stone carving

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Carve your own soapstone alabaster figurines from this box of asbestos free natural pieces. It’s fun and and great creative hobby for all ages

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Soapstone and alabaster random size and shape raw carving stone pieces in various colors. Soapstones light green, dark green with brown, light brown and black. The alabaster stones, white semi translucent, and red or raspberry color. The size of pieces from 1″ to 5″
packaged in a 8″ x 6″ x 3.5″ box, and the weight from 6 lb – 8 lb. Boxes numbered and the weight displayed on the images, that shows the exact pieces you’ll receive. please choose by box number.
The stone pieces all natural asbestos free carving stones, suitable to carve small figurines, pendants, or whisky stones. It’s great for children to try their artistic talents.
They’re the same stones, that I’m using for my carvings. Soapstone and alabaster a relatively soft stone, easy to carve with rasp or file, and polishes with standard sand papers. If you need any advice or guidance for carving, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Please keep in mind that, soapstone carving is very dusty, the fine dust gets airborne easily. Use it in a ventilated room, and PLEASE WEAR A FACEMASK.

More boxes coming soon.

Soapstone is a wonderful carving medium for professionals and amateurs equally. The wide variety of colors inspires one to carve lovely figurines or artists to create a master piece sculpture.
It doesn’t require expensive cutting equipment, basic hand tools such as rasps and files for shaping, and sand paper for polishing is sufficient for finishing a piece.
Soapstone carving is a great educational occupation for children, and a life-long hobby for everyone.
Suppliers offer soapstone by the pound, and art shops in blocks by piece for prices.

1 review for Soapstone alabaster, pieces for stone carving

  1. Amanda

    *Lots* of stones in this box! Good mix of thin and chunky pieces. I am looking forward to carving all kinds of creatures!

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