Raven sculpture, original stone carving

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Original raven sculpture in abstract style for sale direct by a Canadian artist. Hand carved high polished 8.5″ black wonderstone on a beige limestone base.

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This raven sculpture is not very large, only 8.5″ tall but carved from a pure black stone that has a stunning shine when polished. It’s an original piece in an abstract style on a beige limestone base. The carving stone is a wonderful medium with fine grains and excellent carvability probably that’s why earned the name of wonderstone. The inspiration for this raven sculpture came from the local native culture that defines many arts in our city. My abstract version of the trickster however has nothing to do with any tribal symbol or legend.

8.5″ 4″ x 2.5″            21.5 x 0 x 6 cm               3.15.1 lb.            1.792 kg.

I’m using traditional hand tools to carve my pieces for two reasons. That’s how I learned this profession and I intend to keep it up, and I don’t like power tools because of the noise and dust they create. It might make it much easier but in my book, it defies the meaning of the stone carving.

I shaped it with mallets and chisels and detailed it with different grits of rasps and files. The polishing was made submerged in water with standard sandpapers by doubling the grit finesse with every other step. The final is 2000 grit which makes this stone brittle. Sealed and buffed with natural nontoxic bee wax.

signed and dated.

2 reviews for Raven sculpture, original stone carving

  1. Chiquita

    Beautiful just as show in the lisitng. Ordered as a gift for my daughter who loved…it arrived lightening fast. Thank you!

  2. John

    An absolutely beautiful work of art!! I am very happy with my purchase.

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