Pink moonstone silver set pendant necklace

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Pink moonstone large size teardrop shape pendant with sterling silver minimalist style wire wrap setting and with the silver-plated necklace.

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This pink moonstone is designed to long teardrop shape and set with sterling silver 21 gauge square and half-round jewelry wire wrapping and with a silver plated 20″ x 1.5 mm snake chain necklace.

stone size, 43.5 x 20.6 x 5.7 mm         37.95 ct       overall pendant height, 58.5 mm

This natural mineral came to our shop as a slab without information about its origin. I have no idea who named this pink moonstone because it’s a pink feldspar. Probably the relation to moonstone is that it’s the mineral that causes the rainbow color light reflection in the well-known moonstone. This stone doesn’t have light reflection however some random crystals create a stunning sparkling effect in daylight.

The pendant is hand cut, polished on lapidary diamond wheels to 50.000 grit smoothness and shine. The setting is a modern or minimalist style wire wrapping that shows the stone’s entire size while holding it secure.

Moonstone especially the pink version known as the crystal that aligns feminine energies. One of the best stones that a husband or boyfriend can give to his only one is to express his love and affection for her.

The stone is hard, 6-6.5 on the hardness scale no need to worry about scratching or damaging it while wearing. It’s all-natural no chemicals or harmful material is used to create this piece. It’s safe to wear.

1 review for Pink moonstone silver set pendant necklace

  1. Geisha

    Looks exactly like the photo. Will order again and again!!

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