Original stone sculpture, beige marble abstract

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This original stone sculpture was carved from a locally prospected natural beige marble. An abstract style medium size hand carved and polished new piece directly by a Canadian artist.

10.75″ x 4.5″ x 3″             27 x 11.5 x 7.5 cm                3.282 kg.

This interesting specimen that I used for the original stone sculpture was found in British Columbia just north of Hope. Interesting, because one side of the hill is this kind of beige or butter color unfolding, and on the same hill’s other side I discovered it in gray-green. I collected some of that too, and the carving from that will be listed soon.

It’s a very soothing color abstract style carving with a coarse ruffle. Shaped with the traditional mallet and chisel method and polished with standard water base sandpapers to a bright shine. The stone has a few black clouds, which are likely quartz, and sparkles at different angles. The base pedestal matching in color stone is also locally collected limestone which is cut to a round shape and polished as well. The sculpture is pinned and stone epoxy glued to the base. Signed and dated by me, Gabriella.

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2 reviews for Original stone sculpture, beige marble abstract

  1. Kit

    Beautifully executed! You will see me again!

  2. CiardaKaradoc

    Beautiful work, as well as quick, friendly and efficient customer service!

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