Orca sculpture, original black stone carving

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New Orca sculpture listed and ready to ship by Sagastone. 12″ tall. 9.1 kg high polished original black wonder stone carving with authentication certificate.

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Here on the West Coast, we prefer to call it Orca sculpture, instead of the rude killer whale. To be precise, it’s not even a whale, it’s a dolphin.
It’s an original medium-sized new, recently finished black stone carving with bright polished and pecked back to the natural surface. Shaped with mallet and chisels, detailed with rasps and files. A 360 video reel is available here
The medium is wonderstone, which is a type of soapstone. The hardness is 2 on a Mohs scale, which means easy to carve with basic hand tools. Polished with standard water base sandpapers to 2000 grit smoothness. Sealed and buffed with natural beeswax. The brighter spots point chiselled back to raw stone that was white/gray originally.

The Orca sculpture is signed and dated round shape is a 4.5″ diameter base stone, black casted marble dust that polished as well. The sculpture was pinned and stone epoxy glued to the pedestal.

11.5″ x 6.25 x 5″            29 x 16 x 13 cm         14.6 lb.    6.6 kg.

This original sculpture was carved in 2023 May. by Gabriella, also the owner and operator of this website. The authentication certificate is attached to the purchase.

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1 review for Orca sculpture, original black stone carving

  1. shadiza

    Beautiful carving! Thank you for sending it right away.

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