Moss agate pendant silver wrapped with necklace

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A nice large size natural Moss Agate pendant, free form shape red and translucent gemstone with intense green color living like weed inside.

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A nice large size natural Moss agate pendant, free form shape translucent gemstone with intense green color living like a weed inside and red on the bottom half. It’s hand-cut and hand-polished locally collected agate specimen with sterling silver 21 gauge square and half-round wire wrapping and with a silver plated 20″ x 1.5 mm snake chain necklace. Polished on diamond wheels up to 50.000 grit as usual agates have a bright shine. The stylish and simple wire wrapping focuses more on the stone than the setting. Raw Moss agate stone is still available for custom shape and size cutting for request.

stone size: 40.5 x 25.7 x 11.1 mm               97.95 ct.                  overall pendant height, 53.8 mm

Throughout history and all cultures, the Moss agate pendant has been known as the crystal of gardeners and agriculture. It was considered a miraculous healing stone for tribal priests of the past, giving them the power to interact with our human organic system, and was used as a talisman to make warriors strong and victorious.

When lava starts to flow from the volcanic eruption its temperature could reach 1300 celsius. It burns and destroys everything on its way. Some organic matters burn instantly, and some get buried, and because of the lack of oxygen that is essential for burning it just smolders away which creates a cavity in the cooling lava over a long period.
Then even a longer time, that could be millions of years, through the cavities and cracks of the aging lava, water flows through and washes out the silicon dioxide that fils or replaces the already decomposed organic remnants, and that’s how Chalcedony arouses.
Chalcedony is the collective name for agate. We recognize many kinds of agates, the stripes and pattern depend on the minerals that are also washed out with silicon dioxide from the lava.
The wonderful world of agates is truly mother nature’s art. One of the most collected specimens used for jewelry making.

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  1. Donna

    Well made. Great size. Love it.

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