Modern marble sculpture on black granite base

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his modern marble sculpture is new and has never been displayed before Natural white marble stone with satin polishing stands on a round black granite base

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This new modern marble sculpture is a recently finished piece. Natural white Carrara Italian marble stone with some grayish clouds in it. Abstract style fantasy designed shape, looks very nice in a right place, especially with some dim light behind it. The sculpture is cut from a 3 cm 1.25″ thickness of the natural stone slab, polished the traditional way by hand, using finer and finer grit sandpapers. no chemicals or additives are used for the process. The stone has a satin shine, just like any other older original works before the invention of electric polishing tools. The base stone is black granite, with light-reflecting flakes in it. Called Labradorite granite, which looks almost the same, as the identically named gemstone, but lacks translucency. 4.25″ diameter.

This modern marble sculpture is signed and dated on the base, having never been exhibited before. I can personalize it by adding a name or short message on it ( preferably on the bottom) free of a charge.

12.75″ x 6″ x 4.25″        32 x 15 x 10.5 cm             2.767 kg.

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1 review for Modern marble sculpture on black granite base

  1. Susan

    It was really packaged well and in perfect shape when I received it. I love it. It was exactly as pictured and the colors were beautiful and it was beautifully sculptured.

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