Marble stone carving, large turtle figurine

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Original marble stone carving of a white turtle figurine in minimalist style direct by the carver. Hand-chiseled traditional stonework with free shipping.

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Marble stone carving of a large turtle figurine from a local British Columbia natural white specimen, Hand chiseled original stonework. Large and heavy satin polished signed and dated turtle sculpture direct by Gabriella the carver. It’s a recently finished piece, that was in the making for almost a year. The raw marble stone was self-collected from a small island of the northwest Pacific. The turtle is a minimalist-style figurine, carved with basic hand tools. The polishing is made with a traditional sandpapers method, so it has only a kind of satin shine. No chemicals, pastes, or enhancing products are used for the process. The marble is all-natural.

8.5″ x 7″ x 3″         22 x 18 x 8 cm         2.773 kg.

As mentioned on another page of this website pages, we’re a home-based small shop, and we proudly follow the tradition of using old-school tools and methods for our pieces. A marble stone carving like this turtle takes a very long time to shape with different sizes and angled chisels, and the polishing takes even longer. The various sandpapers used are waterproof and work with submerged or flowing water to wash away fine dust.

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1 review for Marble stone carving, large turtle figurine

  1. Ryan

    Beautiful and has nice weight to it. Was a great mother’s Day purchase for my wife. She loves it

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