Marble leaf, original small sculpture

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The marble leaf sculpture symbolizes growth and fertility and is a sign of spring in some cultures. It’s a small size original stone carving with some polished, some point chiseled, and with coarse natural surface. Traditional hand carving that is shaped with mallet and chisels and polished with sandpapers.

9.5″ x 6″ x 3″         24 x 15 x 7.5 cm        2.832 kg.

The raw stone for the marble leaf is a self-collected natural British Columbia specimen from a north Pacific island. It’s not pure white, there’s some yellowish dot-like inclusion and some black sediments in it. The raw part on the back side shows the wonderful crystal structure that sparkles in daylight. The base stone is also marble, but this comes from the famous mine in Italy, Carrara. Cut to a round 3″ diameter and polished on lapidary wheels. Pinned and stone epoxy glued, and also that’s where the sculpture is signed as well. See a 360 video here.

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A hand-signed authentication certificate by Gabriella is attached with the purchase of this original piece.

2 reviews for Marble leaf, original small sculpture

  1. CiardaKaradoc

    Beautiful work, as well as quick, friendly and efficient customer service!

  2. Dana

    Great Craftsmanship. Excellent quality, professionally packaged. Thank you.

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