Light-reflecting gemstone, Labradorite necklace

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Light reflecting large size gemstone, unisex blue Labradorite necklace with silver wire setting. Recommended for tall person to wear it with a longer chain

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This light-reflecting gemstone is a Labradorite crystal from the east coast of Canada. It’s a calcium-rich feldspar mineral that displays an iridescent effect. This stone however shows a blue flash only in a certain direction or when in motion. The pendant is a large size and designed shape polished on lapidary diamond wheels. Set with sterling silver 21 gauge round and half round jewelry wire wrapping and with a silver plated 20″ x 1.5 mm snake chain necklace.

stone size, 48.6 x 20.1 x 5.1 mm          38.80 ct.        overall pendant height, 60.2 mm

The light-reflecting gemstone was discovered in 1770 by Moravian missionaries but was known long before that by the Innuit people. According to their legend, the northern light (Aurora Borealis) descended from the frozen fire into the stone. The modern world interpreted different meanings and healing properties of this magical mineral. The metaphysical averment is that connecting with the stone strengthens the aura’s natural energies and repels the negative ones. It is also said that it gives awareness of psychic abilities.

The pendant is cut from a natural Canadian stone specimen. Many Labradorite is available on different platforms that originate from Madagascar, however, very few genuine Canadian could be found.





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1 review for Light-reflecting gemstone, Labradorite necklace

  1. essenceofnight

    Beautiful stone, exactly as described in the description. Received the item a week after it was shipped. Had great communication with the store owner, as well. Would highly recommend!

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