Leaf sculpture, original soapstone carving

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Original leaf sculpture direct by a Canadian artist. Light green soapstone on a black round shape granite base with a hand-signed authentication certificate

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Original leaf sculpture medium-size soapstone carving on a black granite base.

10.5″ x 6.25″ x 3.5″        27 x 16 x 9 cm             12.125 lb.        5.5 kg.

This light green leaf sculpture is carved from Brazilian-origin soapstone, which has a flakes composition and some sparkly minerals that shine in daylight or with strong artificial lights. The stone also has a darker green pattern than usual with soapstone. It’s a hand-carved piece that is raw shaped with mallet and chisels, detailed with rasps and files. Polished submerged in water with various grit smoothness of sandpapers to achieve a bright shine. Sealed and buffed with natural beeswax that keeps the stone fresh looking and protects it from light scratches.

Soapstone is a soft carving medium, 2 on the stone hardness scale of 1 to 10, which means it’s relatively easy to carve and damage it. The seal buffing protects to a minimal degree, however it requires gentle care once displayed. For further maintaining the sculpture, the stone likes to be refreshed once every other month.

The base stone is a round shape black granite. Precisely it’s a black Labradorite granite, that has light-reflecting feldspar flakes, but unfortunately, because of the flat polishing, it doesn’t shimmer much. The sculpture is pinned and stone epoxy glued to the base, and that’s where it’s signed as well.

The sculpture is an original piece and a hand-signed authentication certificate is attached to the shipping package.

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3 reviews for Leaf sculpture, original soapstone carving

  1. Kit

    Beautifully executed! You will see me again!

  2. warrenjw3

    This is an inventive and beautiful sculpture! I have a collection of bear carvings and sculptures, but I have never seen any quite like this one.

  3. Charl

    This statue has a subtle, authentic beauty. I’ve had it sitting on my table and it reminds me of visiting the seal lion cave. It’s just perfect. 🙏thank you.

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