Larimar pendant natural blue crystal necklace

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Larimar pendant, natural blue crystal with sterling silver minimalist style wire wrap setting and with optional length Italian-made necklace.

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This Larimar pendant is a natural blue variety of Pectolite that is found only in the Dominican Republic. Cut to designed shape hand-polished on lapidary diamond wheels to 50.000 grit smoothness and shine. Set with sterling silver 21 gauge jewelry wire wrapping a modern and minimalist style method that allows showing the entire size of the crystal yet holds it safe.

stone size, 24.1 x 14.9 x 9.7 mm    34.15 ct.        overall pendant height, 39.3 mm

The necklace is an Italian-made sterling silver snake chain 1.05 mm thick. An 18″ length is included in the sale price but longer 20″ and 24″ are also available with price adjustment. Chose your preferred length before adding it to the cart.

This cute Larimar pendant is handmade jewelry by our shop. No chemicals or harmful material was used to create it.

A Larimar gemstone doesn’t need much introduction. Just one look makes one fall in love instantly with this blue crystal that represents the Carribian sea, sandy beaches, and summer forever. Larimar is a cardinal water element, yet a volcanic-origin fire crystal. Known as the stone that balances polarities,  relieves stress cools temper, and calms fear.

If you look for truly handmade jewelry for your girlfriend wife even grandma, I highly recommend this beautiful piece and thank you for supporting our homemade business.

1 review for Larimar pendant natural blue crystal necklace

  1. Rose

    This is so brilliantly blue & has such a tranquil, calming effect both on myself & those around me when I wear it. Thank you for always bringing lovely creations, wrapped beautifully & made with great care & consideration!

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