Gemstone specimen necklace, large agate pendant

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This gemstone specimen necklace is a large size designed shape Montana agate pendant with pure copper wire twist setting and with a black leather necklace.

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This gemstone specimen necklace is cut from a transparent  Montana agate. Montana agate is a collective name and doesn’t mean that these crystals originate only from there. The more appropriate name would be Yellowstone river agate since that’s where the first found specimens were identified. It’s a kind of moss or alluvial agate with a stunning three-dimensional effect, virtually seeing the inside of the stone.

In our British Columbian rivers, we also can find some and just as nice as the Yellowstone one.

The agate gemstone specimen necklace was designed to be a large size pendant, polished all around on lapidary wheels, drilled with a 1 mm hole, and a pure copper wire-created hanger. hangs on an 18″ x 2 mm black leather necklace. The stone is all natural not treated in any way.
stone size: 53.7 x 16.5 x 8.1 mm               53.75 ct.              overall pendant height, 64.5 mm

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1 review for Gemstone specimen necklace, large agate pendant

  1. fightermom

    I love the way the stone’s multiple colours catch the light. Excellent quality and wonderful customer service.

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