Kyanite necklace, stone to cease anger pendant

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Wear a Kyanite necklace to cease anger, and make wise decisions with logic. Natural minimalist handmade jewelry with silver twist cap setting

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Wear a Kyanite necklace to cease anger, and make wise decisions with logic. This spiritual helper crystal has a great energy to eliminate negative thoughts, especially when dealing with people. I’m offering this natural Californian-origin matrix stone for these purposes, and of course, as an eye-catching jewelry piece as well. The light blue crystals compounded in the beige host rock and sparkled in the daylight. The pendant is a largely designed shape, polished on lapidary diamond wheels on both sides, set with sterling silver 21 gauge square and half round jewelry wire wrapping and a silver-plated 20″x 1.5 mm snake chain necklace.
stone size: 41.3 x 22.5 x 7.8 mm            63.85 ct.                   overall pendant height including setting: 54.1 mm
We have a backup supply of raw Kyanite necklace stone, if you prefer to have a custom shape and size of this crystal, we can cut it for you in a few days.

Kyanite is a light pale blue sedimentary rock. A subsided aluminum silicate mineral found deep in the earth’s crust. Just because it’s a sedimentary rock, it still goes through metamorphosis, which means the earth’s heat and pressure melt the minerals into one solid stone. When Kyanite was found, it was usually layered in thin blades, and rarely suitable to cut into jewelry.

We were very happy when that Californian location referred us to collect this stone specimen. After an hour of downhill climb successfully collected a few pounds. The location is not a secret, however, not willing to reveal it to the public. We have visited nearby hiking trails and gently put, wasn’t respected as mother nature’s gift. Wouldn’t want that source to turn into a playground, after all, it’s a very unique location. Besides hiking there requires proper gear.

1 review for Kyanite necklace, stone to cease anger pendant

  1. Judith

    GORGEOUS Labradorite specimen wire-wrapped to perfection. Lots of color/flash in the stone and the elegant wrap is simple and perfect for my taste, as doesn’t detract from the stone in any way. I’m delighted!

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