Kokopelli figures, hand carved slate coasters

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Hand-carved Kokopelli figures coaster set, for those who like ancient cultures and legends as a meaningful home decoration or for a present.

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The legendary hunchback with the flute, Kokopelli figures on a set of four green Slate stone drink coasters. Selected sea-green natural stone, cut to 4″ diameter round shape, hand-carved with unique design. The stone’s surface is kind of coarse, called brushed, so the glass won’t slip. The edges are smoothly sanded and signed by the carver.

Slate is a very durable stone, slowly absorbing water, however red wine and coffee won’t leave any stain after basic cleaning. (tested) Easy to clean by water and dish soap, the back is cork padded to protect furniture.

The sale price includes a set of four pieces, however, an increased number of sets with different designs of Kokopelli figures is also available by custom request. I can also personalize the coasters by carving or engraving the name, logo, or a short message.

About stone coasters
We began cutting and carving stone coasters in 2013, with the intent to show our fellow stone lovers different specimens by color and shape.
However, a few experiments taught us that, any type of stone is not suitable for the purpose.
We had to rule out marble, granite because of the slippery surface, limestone because it absorbs the stain, Travertine for its air pockets, and so on.
Finally one stone type, Slate passed all the tests, and now we offer only these coasters in black and green colors.
The designs are fantasy creations, ancient symbols with a little unique touch, and of course Canada related nature and cultural motives.
We also offer custom carved sets, with your unique design, without any extra charge.

1 review for Kokopelli figures, hand carved slate coasters

  1. lesley

    We love our new coasters, thank you. Delightful sellers and outstanding craftsmanship. Extremely efficient dispatch and communication on uk order, and packaging that well and truly survived the journey. Thank you both so much, we are thrilled. Xx

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