Jade pendant, genuine gemstone with siver setting

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Dark green gemstone, genuine Jade pendant designed shape handmade jewelry. Natural Canadian high polished mineral, with silver wire wrap setting and necklace.

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Genuine Canadian Nephrite Jade pendant with a large oval shape gemstone. Natural North British Columbia origine mineral specimen, also called polar Jade. The stone is highly polished on lapidary wheels up to 50.000 grit smoothness and shine, set with a sterling silver local artisan designed and casted setting.
stone size:  28.8 x 21.9 x 6.9 mm        36.60 ct.                             overall pendant height, 40.1 mm
The pendant comes with an also sterling silver Italian-made smooth snake chain necklace an 18″ x 1.05 mm included, longer 20″, 24″ lengths also available with price adjustment.

The stone in this Jade pendant is semi-translucent, one of the pictures shows it with light behind it. The raw Jade is purchased directly by the quarry, slabbed, shaped, polished and set for jewelry in our shop. A small quantity of raw still available for custom shape and size cutting.
Jade is considered the toughest stone, depending on the location it finds, some harder than steel. Cracks in the stone are very rare, and it’s virtually
unbreakable. No wonder it’s one of the most used stones in its 6.000 years of history.
Jade’s metaphysical properties vary by culture, but almost all symbolize the five virtues, wisdom, justice, compassion, modesty and courage.
For healing, best known as the stone of detoxification. It is said to strengthen the filtration of the body and cleansing systems.
For any reason you look for Jade, this pendant is a very fine specimen for all uses for both genders.

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2 reviews for Jade pendant, genuine gemstone with siver setting

  1. katbat

    The pendant was sent immediately and arrived faster than expected! It looks very nice, it is well made and it holds the natural stone properly in it’s simple and cute design.

  2. chimarie18

    I’m very happy with my pendant. It’s comfortable to wear, and I love the modern and simple design. I’d definitely buy another exact pendant as a gift for a friend if there were another one available.

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