Inuit symbol Inukshuk figurine soapstone carving

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Hand carved brown soapstone figurine of the Inuit symbol Inukshuk. Stands on a quartz and volcanic ash mix bright polished black and white natural stone base.

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This soapstone Inukshuk figurine is a miniature modern version of the Inuit symbol. Carved from one solid piece of brown soapstone with traditional hand tools, polished with standard water base sand papers to a bright shine. Sealed, buffed and protection coated with non toxic bee wax. The carving is brand new, signed and dated. Stone epoxy glued to a quartz and volcanic ash mix natural mineral, what’s polished as well.

5.75″ x 3.75″ x 3″

14 x 9.5 x 8 cm

0.620 kg.

The Inukshuk (pronounced In-ook-shook) meaning “in the image of man”, are magnificent human-like figures of stone which were erected by the Inuit. They stand along Canada & Alaska’s most northern shores, and are unique to the North America arctic. They are made of rock slabs, large and small, and built into the shape of a person with their arms or legs out stretched or more traditionally, piles of well mapped-out-rocks. The inukshuk has long been recognized as the “compass of the Arctic.” They were early road signs, pre GPS or folding maps.

Fantasy designed minimalist style stone figurines, and small to medium size original soapstone alabaster carvings direct by Canadian carver. All figurines are hand carved and high polished. Sealed and buffed with non toxic bee wax for protection and to avoid the stone to dry out. Personalize it with names or short message available for free of charge.

1 review for Inuit symbol Inukshuk figurine soapstone carving

  1. Ryan

    Beautiful and has nice weight to it. Was a great mother’s Day purchase for my wife. She loves it

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