Hand carved turtle, green soapstone figurine

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Hand-carved turtle, the beautiful green soapstone figurine handmade and hand-polished by a Canadian artisan. Original signed and dated gift idea for mom’s desk

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This new hand carved turtle is meant as an affordable personal gift idea. Palm size deep green base color natural soapstone with some lighter green spots and flakes. Carved only with hand tools such as files and rasps, polished with standard water base sandpapers to 2000 grit smoothness and shine.

4.5″ x 4″ x 1.75″             11 x 10.5 x 4 cm.                              0.517 kg.

Soapstone is quite heavy, it’s a perfect paperweight and display carving for desk decoration. This hand-carved turtle is sealed and buffed with nontoxic bee wax, not need much maintenance, just a little care because the stone is kind of softish and chips easily when knocked to a hard object. The more contact and touching make it stay shinier.

The large surface of the bottom is signed and dated, yet enough room for your message carving, what’s included in the listing price.

Shipping to a different address, in a gift box and wish card, is also available.

Raw carving soapstone is always on stock, if you prefer a larger or smaller size carving, your custom request is always welcome. Please contact for available stone colors.

Soapstone is a wonderful carving medium for professionals and amateurs equally. The wide variety of colors inspires one to carve lovely figurines or artists to create a masterpiece sculpture.
It doesn’t require expensive cutting equipment, basic hand tools such as rasps and files for shaping, and sandpaper for polishing are sufficient for finishing a piece.
Soapstone carving is a great educational occupation for children and a life-long hobby for everyone.
Suppliers offer soapstone by the pound and art shops in blocks by piece for prices.
We offer small 2″-4″ cut-offs as well by the box, ( about 7-8 lb ) for beginners to practice.



1 review for Hand carved turtle, green soapstone figurine

  1. Rated 5 out of 5 Sonia

    Just beautiful, I love it! Thanks 🙏

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