Hand carved bear figurine, brown soapstone

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This hand carved bear figurine has a soothing green base color with brown clouds like spots. Original piece, signed direct by Canadian artist.

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Medium size hand carved bear figurine. Cute brown green soapstone brand new small sculpture, original stone display. Carved with basic hand tools, files and rasps, polished with standard water base sand papers to a bright shiny finish surface. The soapstone is one solid piece, no cracks or chips on it. Sealed and buffed with natural non toxic bee wax. Signed and dated on the belly. I can personalize it, adding names, short message by carving or engraving.
9″ x 5″ x 4″
23 x 12.5 x 10 cm.
3.180 kg.

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I’ve carved and sold over 160 soapstone and alabaster hand carved bear figurine on different online platforms. One of my favorite subjects, and it sells very well. Many satisfied customers write reviews, which you can find on the page here.

I’m buying the raw soapstone from a supplier, because they inspect it and select it for best quality.It’s all asbestos and harmful chemical-free natural stones.

The prices for my soapstone bears calculated by the size and weight, the amount of work and shipping cost.

I can carve a custom size in any position, but I don’t copy other carvers’ work.

Soapstone is a wonderful carving medium for professionals and amateurs equally. The wide variety of colors inspires one to carve lovely figurines or artists to create a master piece sculpture.
It doesn’t require expensive cutting equipment, basic hand tools such as rasps and files for shaping, and sand paper for polishing is sufficient for finishing a piece.
Soapstone carving is a great educational occupation for children, and a life-long hobby for everyone.
Suppliers offer soapstone by the pound, and art shops in blocks by piece for prices.
We offer small 2″-4″ cut offs as well by the box, ( about 7-8 lb ) for beginners to practice.

1 review for Hand carved bear figurine, brown soapstone

  1. Jess

    Photos didn’t do it justice. Absolutely lovely carving, great detailing. Would definitely buy from again!

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