Green polished stone, Jasper pendant necklace

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Oval shape green polished stone pendant, with sterling silver wire wrap setting. Green Jasper from Oregon state, that makes a unique jewelry.

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If you look for a green polished stone for jewelry, this natural Jasper is a must have in your collection. Jasper stones known for its exceptional shine and smoothness, some has pattern like defies nature’s ability, and some has unique colors, that might be found only one place on the planet.  A semi-precious stone that amazed by ancient cultures from Egypt to south America for milleniums.

This green polished stone specimen from Oregon state USA. Green color is present in many type of Jaspers, however pure green considered rare. It’s kind of basil green with a bit of a waxy shade, and has black slim lines like spider web. The beautiful polish it took, just stunning.

The large oval shape pendant set with a minimalist style wire wrapping method, that holds the stone firmly in place, and shows nearly the entire size. You can tell even from a distance, that setting is man, or precisely handmade. 21 gauge square and half round 0.925 sterling silver jewelry wire used to frame the stone.

stone size;   40.5 x 26.8 x 6.5 mm                           63.25 ct.                     overall pendant height, 52.5 mm

A silver plated 20″ x 1.5 mm silver plated snake chain necklace included with the pendant.

A limited quantity of raw green Jasper (same stone) still available for custom shape and size cutting.

1 review for Green polished stone, Jasper pendant necklace

  1. mintyfresh534

    Very beautiful necklace. My mom wears it everyday

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