Four leaf clovers, Celtic symbols stone coasters

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Four leaf clovers hand carved Celtic symbols stone coaster set. According to Irish lore each leaf symbolizes a different lucky characteristic

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The four leaf clovers symbols of luck from the ancient Celtic culture on Jade green Slate round shape stone coasters The stone is natural untreated split-faced hand-cut and hand-carved with smooth sanded and signed edges and cork padded back to protect furniture surface A set of four pieces

4″ 10 cm diameter

The notorious four-leaf clovers are still considered a good luck symbol today because of their rarity. According to Irish lore, each leaf symbolizes a different lucky characteristic.

From a spiritual perspective, the four leaf clover may represent the same divine triune as the one prescribed by Saint Patrick: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost with the fourth leaf symbolizing man or humanity. Therefore the presence of this fourth leaf (mankind) signifies redemption.

I can carve your own designs names, logos in any number of sets, to this or other available stones

About stone coasters
We begun cutting and carving stone coasters since 2013, with the intent to show our fellow stone lovers different specimen by color and shape.
However a few experiment toughth us that, many type of stones not suitable for the purpose.
We had to rule out marble, granite because of the slippery surface, limestone because it absorbs stain, Travertine for its air pockets, and so on.
Finaly one stone type, Slate passed all the tests, and now we offer only these coasters in black and green colors.
The designs are fantasy creations, ancient symbols with a little unique touch, and of course Canada related nature and cultural motives.
We also offer cutom carved sets, with your own unique design, without any extra charge.

1 review for Four leaf clovers, Celtic symbols stone coasters

  1. Robyn

    These are even better than I imagined! Super well made and they arrived really quick! 5 stars doesn’t quite cut it!

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