Fish hook pendant, Rhodonite gemstone carving

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One of a kind, hand carved fish hook gemstone pendant of the symbolic protection talisman. Pink Rhodonite natural mineral designed necklace for both gender.

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Hand carved pink Rhodonite gemstone 32.3 x 24.6 x 8.5 mm size fish hook pendant protection necklace.

Vancouver Island origin natural pink Rhodonite gemstone carving of the Maori fish hook symbol with a little abstract style touch. The stone hand carved to shape, polished in a vibrating tumbler to a bright shine, and smoothness, drilled with a 1 mm hole, set with sterling silver jewelry wire created hanger, and with a silver plated 20″ x 1.5 mm snake chain necklace.

overall pendant height, 43.8 mm, the stone itself weight 51.30 ct.

The pink color of the gemstone suggests the necklace is more for women, but the theme of the pendant is more for men. As mentioned above, we cut, carve and polish our gemstones, many other natural minerals and crystals available for custom shape and size cutting.

1 review for Fish hook pendant, Rhodonite gemstone carving

  1. Dee

    Beautiful as always – I love all of the necklaces!

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