Figurative abstract sculpture, stone with gold

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New original figurative abstract sculpture for sale direct by the carver. Polished black Slate stone with 18K real gold on red Diorite base.

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Small size figurative abstract sculpture, hand carved original stone art by Gabriella. Natural cracks and layers free black slate locally collected stone from the Rocky mountains. It’s a fine-grained pure black dense sedimentary stone with the hardness of 3-4 on the scale of 1-10.

The woman figure carved with traditional hand tools, polished to a satin shine with standard water base sand papers. Part of the stone chiseled back to coarse, and implanted with real 18k gold flakes. This gold plating method use for centuries, in churches, and picture frames, stay on for decades even in exterior weather. This figurative abstract sculpture is pinned and stone epoxy glued to a red Diorite round shape base. Signed and dated.

hand signed authentication certificate attached with the purchase of the small sculpture.

9″ x 2.75″ x 2.75″                     23 x 7 x 7 cm                     1.023 kg.

Another small sculpture also carved from the same stone.

The black slate stone collected on the sea to sky highway near Vancouver. The mountain side cut for the road construction many year ago, and time to time chunks and pieces breaking off and fell on the road.
It’s a one of a kind componded slate specimen, pure black and doesn’t have layers like most slate usually have. It’s a dense stone, yet takes a gentle chiseling without chipping of unwanted pieces.
Polishing it relatively easy with standard water base sand papers, however only a satin shine could be achieved.
The stone accessable to anyone, and free to take. If you’re interested to collect some while in the area, contact us for detailed location and directions.

About the red Diorite stone, not much information available. It comes from an estate sale a few years ago with many other similar stones, but it’s polished by us in our shop.

1 review for Figurative abstract sculpture, stone with gold

  1. Janet

    Arrived safely, thank you. It was even better than I realized. Beautiful item that I will treasure 🙂

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