Carved stone polar bear, alabaster figurine

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Hand carved stone polar bear minimalist style freestanding large size alabaster figurine for sale direct by Canadian carver. Custom size carving available.

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Hand carved stone polar bear, brand new high polished natural alabaster figurine. Freestanding realistic, large size semi-translucent original sculpture, direct by Canadian carver.

The stone is one solid piece, with no cracks or chips, however due to the nature of the stone, some yellow spots, and whiter coloration shows on it. Traditionally carved stone polar bear, by using hand tools such as rasps and files, and for polishing standard water-based sandpapers with a six-step method by doubling the smoothness, up to 2000 grit, to achieve silk smooth and bright surface finish.

The raw carving stone is direct from an Italian quarry, which is known as one of the best quality alabaster in the world. Alabaster is a crystallized gypsum mineral, when light is placed behind the sculpture, it glows. This is an original never been displayed piece, signed and dated. Sealed and buffed with natural nontoxic bee wax, which protects and keeps it shiny for a long time to come. No further maintenance or care is required, other than the regular cleaning dusting method.

Raw alabaster carving stone is still available, custom carving request is welcome. No deposit or payment is required before completion.

7.5″ x 6″ x 4″     19 x 15 x 11 cm.             3.027 kg.

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2 reviews for Carved stone polar bear, alabaster figurine

  1. Krishnamohan

    Thank you receive yesterday Good quality, and price.

  2. Cater

    Gabriella is passionate about her carvings and we have bought many. Can’t wait for the next piece we buy.

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