Canadian symbol, Inukshuk large granite figurine

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Modern style Canadian symbol, 11″ tall large size polished Inukshuk figurine. An indoor natural salt and pepper type granite stone display of the Inuit culture

11″ x 5.25″ x 2.75″                  27.5 x 13.5 x 7 cm                                 2.530 kg.

SOLD,  Custom Order available

Natural black dotted white gray granite stone, also called salt and pepper, with full of sparkly quartz cryatals. Hand cut, and each pieces individually polished. Drilled, pinned and stone epoxy glued together. Inukshuk always been a Canadian symbol of the Inuit, but gained a huge boost in popularity during the 2010 winter olympics in Vancouver. I carve this figurine mostly from locally found stone specimen just like this granite, that collected at the sea to sky hiway, also smaller sizes from alabaster, and soapstone. The size is quite large, makes an excellent display in any size room. Granite is a very hard and dense stone, doesn’t require any maintenance other than a wet cloth wipe time to time. The polishing finished with 3000 grit, remain shiny for ages. It’s a truly handmade figurine, no other made from this type of stone. Signed and dated.

I’m a home based stone artisan, I always welcome your unique idea for custom carvings. A wide variety of stone specimen available.

Fantasy designed minimalist style stone figurines, and small to medium size original soapstone alabaster carvings direct by Canadian carver. All figurines are hand carved and high polished. Sealed and buffed with non toxic bee wax for protection and to avoid the stone to dry out. Personalize it with names or short message available for free of charge.

1 review for Canadian symbol, Inukshuk large granite figurine

  1. Lauri

    Wonderful jade addition to my desk toys!

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