Blue agate necklace, large stone pendant

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Prestigious blue agate necklace, silver wire wrap set large stone pendant. Silver set banded Chalcedony variety handmade gemstone jewelry not only for woman

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One of the most sought-after blue agate necklace, this gemstone is so delicately banded that one can’t resist keeping her eyes away from it. Blue lace agate is a variety of silicate crystal Chalcedony. Agates are widely available all over the world, found in all kinds of environments, in many colors and stunning patterns. Worn as jewelry since human history began, carried as an amulet or talisman for protection and healing purposes. Blue lace agate is not considered a healing stone, it’s more of a spiritual and emotional attitude crystal. Called the stone of communication, with the meaning of, giving confidence to the wearer to express thru feelings in words, without regretting or hurting anyone’s emotion. The best stone for women in the business of representation or the field of law.

The stones originate from Namibia Africa, we acquired them directly from the quarry and slabbed them in our shop. After selecting the quality and the nicest pattern, designed it for jewelry. This large blue agate necklace pendant is cut to a designed oval shape, by following the bands to show the best of the specimen. Polished on diamond wheels up to 50.000 grit smoothness and a brilliant shine. Set with sterling silver 21 gauge square and half-round modern and trendy style jewelry wire wrapping, which focuses to show more of the stone than the setting. Hangs on a 20″ x 1.5 mm silver plated snake chain necklace. The length of the necklace is optional, shorter 18″ or longer 24″ is also available upon request. ( please make a note at checkout for preferred length)

stone size: 39.1 x 25.6 x 7.6 mm       58.70 ct.                                  overall pendant height, 54.7 mm

Raw uncut blue lace agate is still available, for custom shape and size cutting, with the optional setting. We can drill it too.

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  1. Rose

    This is so brilliantly blue & has such a tranquil, calming effect both on myself & those around me when I wear it. Thank you for always bringing lovely creations, wrapped beautifully & made with great care & consideration!

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