Bloodstone pendant with copper setting

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The Bloodstone pendant is often called the natural healer. It calms the emotional body, dispels confusion and best of all, makes a fabulous piece of jewelry

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This Bloodstone pendant was cut from a natural Heliotrop mineral composed of quartz, jasper, and often chalcedony. A dense and opaque mineral that has a long history as a talisman and jewelry. The bloodstone’s name originates from the look that has a red pattern inclusion and resembles blood drops.

stone size: 41.1 x 23.6 x 6.8 mm        47.70 ct.               overall pendant height, 57.3 mm

It’s a designed large-size bloodstone pendant with pure copper 22 gauge jewelry wire wrap setting. Offered with three different styles of necklaces. Please choose black leather, faux leather, or silver-plated snake chain from the dropdown menu. The necklaces are 20″ long and 1.5 mm in diameter. Images were taken with faux leather.

Bloodstone is called the natural healer by spiritualists. Among gemstones and minerals, this stone might have the longest history. Many cultures used it as a talisman for protection, healing, and good luck, and it is believed to bring long life. It’s a natural hand-polished Heliotrope mineral with a red cloud blood flow-like inclusion which gives the name of the stone. Raw bloodstone is usually in stock. If you prefer a custom shape or size pendant, please contact me by email to discuss the details.




1 review for Bloodstone pendant with copper setting

  1. nb

    Beautiful stone. Gabriella was very responsive to my inquiries and shipped as requested. Thank you.

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