Black stone carving, Maori Pikorua small sculpture

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This black stone carving is a new original small sculpture which is a Maori inspiration Pikorua symbol. Hand-carved from natural black Slate stone and polished to a satin shine. Stans on a round shape matching base that is pinned and stone epoxy glued.

7.75″ x 4.75″ x2.75″            19.5 x 12 x 7 x cm.        1.12 lb.     0.808 kg.

The Slate stone is a solid stone specimen that has a silvery sheen. The black stone carving is new and signed directly from the carver.

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Pikorua is a symbol of a strong bond and a connection between two people. Just like the continuous loops of the symbol, the life of two people will go on even when life takes a turn for the worse. The symbol is also a sign that you can keep crossing and crossing paths, even if you are temporarily separated from each other.

The Maori creation narrative provides a broad overview of Maori culture and tradition. The physical landscape is mentioned multiple times in the creation narrative, with the sky father and the earth mother referred to as the sky father and earth mother respectively. The Maori have a strong cultural and spiritual connection to the whole of New Zealand’s landscape that goes back centuries. As an Indigenous culture, many of the activities are centred around tribes, subtribes and extended family groups. Land and family are important to the Maori because they play a significant role in their daily lives.

There are three primary uses for carvings within Maori culture: Recording of history and events Practical construction Decorative carvings The tradition of decorative carvings can be traced back to the Maori who did not have a written language. Carving was their way of telling stories. The deep symbolism associated with different shapes

2 reviews for Black stone carving, Maori Pikorua small sculpture

  1. Herminio Luis

    This is TRULY a MASTERPIECE, the artwork is just off the scale…I am fully happy and satisfied, and, if you make another please contact me…2 are definitely better than one…Thank you, again for this artistic piece…

  2. Angela

    This is the third sculpture I’ve purchased from this shop and each one of them is so beautiful! The care and detail are incredible. I can’t recommend this shop enough!

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