Black Slate stone, original small sculpture

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This black slate stone was carved by hand into a small sculpture and is part of a the Stone Collection. This stone sculpture is original direct by the artist.

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This locally collected black slate stone found at the Sea to sky highway near Vancouver. Hand carved to a small fantasy sculpture that titled as the Ravengirl. The slate is deep black, no cracks or layering shows. Hand polished to a satin surface finish. Stands on an also self collected granite stone specimen that has sparkly gold like Pyrite flakes and deep red Garnet particles, shows bright in sunshine or with good lighting.

It’s a recently finished brand new minimalist style small sculpture by Gaby. Signed and dated.

9.5″ x 2.25″ x 2″              24 x 6 x 5 cm                0.829 kg.

a hand signed authentication certificate attached with the sculpture.

The black slate stone collected on the sea to sky highway near Vancouver. The mountain side cut for the road construction many year ago, and time to time chunks and pieces breaking off and fell on the road.
It’s a one of a kind componded slate specimen, pure black and doesn’t have layers like most slate usually have. It’s a dense stone, yet takes a gentle chiseling without chipping of unwanted pieces.
Polishing it relatively easy with standard water base sand papers, however only a satin shine could be achieved.
The stone accessable to anyone, and free to take. If you’re interested to collect some while in the area, contact us for detailed location and directions.
The granite what we used for the base also a British Columbia stone, collected years ago in the Kootnes region. Granite is very common specially the black and white, also called salt and pepper in our area. This piece just stood out of all of the specimen what we usually find around.
The Pyrite was showing in raw too, but the garnet in it was a nice surprise when polished.

One more carving available

2 reviews for Black Slate stone, original small sculpture

  1. John

    An absolutely beautiful work of art!! I am very happy with my purchase.

    • S.Gaby

      Thank you for the wonderful feedback.

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