Bear paw pendant, Argillite stone necklace

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A symbolic bear paw pendant not only a modern style jewelry, it also represents the believes of many ancient cultures. Argillite hand carved stone and necklace.

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this bear paw pendant carved from natural black Argillite stone, that prospected in Haida Gwaii, the only place it found. The inspiration for this pendant derive from the north American native culture, however it’s not a copy of any tribal symbol, only a fantasy design.

Hand carved and hand polished natural stone with a leather lace necklace, designed for unisex, but mainly for men’s jewelry.

Bear paw first of all represents strength in almost all cultures, also protection and connection to the animal. The Vikings used it for outstanding bravery, and against unpredictability.  Nowadays, it’s a great present for tough guys.

stone size, 38.5 x 22.5 x 4.2 mm               27.70 ct.          overall pendant height, 40.5 mm

What’s Argillite?

Argillite is a lithified clay and mud, that under the earth’s heat and pressure indurated to sedimentary rock over a 70 million years period. It’s very fine-grained black-gray color, and the hardness of 3, on the scale of 1-10.

It belongs to the Slate family, however Argillite contain variable, typically high amounts, of aluminium and silica that solidified this compounded stone, also responsible to achieve black shiny surface polishes.

Where is Argillite found ?

Argillite is a sedimentary stone, what means, it built up particle by particle over time, most often washed out than settled by ancient oceans. Found many places on earth in a variety of components. Known also by the name as mudstone, or pipe stone. A variant of this stone considered as the basement stone of the islands of New Zealand.

What makes the Haida Argillite unique ?

The Haida Argillite has a longer history than previously thought. The main component of this stone classified as Kaolin instead of clay, that built by smaller crystals, and makes it much smoother by touch. The latest archaeological research shows that carved and polished Argillite used by the local native tribes for utilitarian purposes prior to the arrival of the Europeans, who introduced tobacco smoking, when pipe carving began.

At the early 19th century Canada banned the sea otter fur trade, Argillite was given to the Haida nation solely as a means of economic prosperity. Untill recent changes, no raw Argillite allowed to taken, only if carved by local artisan.

These days however, more and more raw stone appears on the local markets, for the pleasure of carvers and collectors.
The source of Argillite’s exact location is a heavily guarded secret, on Graham’s island. It’s still quarried by basic hand tools, and only the amount that an able-bodied person can carry allowed to taken out at the time.

Our gemstone pendants cut from mostly self collected natural semi precious crystals and minerals. Local Canadian Rocky mountain gems from far up the arctic circle to the south point of Vancouver island. We also buy and trade interesting specimen with worldwide partners. The handmade jewelry, what you find in the store, available to purchase. Some stones are drilled and set with findings, but our preferred method is the modern and minimalist style wire wrapping, what focuses to show the entire size of the stone, yet holds it firm and secure in place.
We never die, color or alter our stones in any ways, all pendant are 100% natural stones, polished with a nine step lapidary process. The settings made of sterling silver jewelry wire.
We have a large collection of jewelry quality raw minerals, ready to cut. Custom shape and size cutting available.
Sorry we do not sell raw stone, we use it or only trade it.

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