Angel fish, Slate stone small sculpture

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The actual full-grown angel fish is just about the same size as this small Slate stone sculpture. It’s a new original hand-carved and hand-polished piece with real 14K gold gilded eyes. The gilding was made with the same method that was used in churches and castles for centuries. The angel fish stands on a matching same stone base pinned and stone epoxy glued.

7.5″ x 4.25″ x 2.25″            18.5 x 11 x 5.5 cm               1.11 lb.          0.768 kg.

Signed, and an authentication certificate is attached.

Similar sizes and the same way carved and polished small sculptures are also available in my shop. I can also custom-carve your idea.

Buy it as a gift and I can personalize it by carving a name or short message to the base.

Slate is not a typical carving stone, however, this black variety is a smooth non-foliated specimen with a silvery sheen and is hard enough to achieve a polished satin shine. Slate is composed of clay and/or volcanic ash that sedimented and by earth’s millions of years of heat and pressure went through a low-grade metamorphism and obtained its present form.
Slate is fine-grained stone and has a silky smooth touch when polished, non-absorbing therefore humidity can’t harm it, however, the carving is not recommended for exterior display. Because of its sedimentation other minerals are sometimes visible on the surface that can make a spectacular pattern.
Free shipping to Canada and the USA.
Free shipping to Canada and the USA.

2 reviews for Angel fish, Slate stone small sculpture

  1. Vickie

    No words to explain detail in this carving. Exquisite!!

  2. Anka

    The little cat sculpture is beautiful, it exceeds my expectations, the communication and shipping were perfect, thank you!

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