Alabaster symbol carving, Koru small sculpture

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This small size alabaster symbol carving is the latest addition to the Maori motive series. The Koru motive derive from the frond of fern, that represents life growth and strength, and symbolizes renewal and enlightenment. One of the most significant motive of the south Pacific.

By researching the origin of the symbol, I found many ways its drawn, painted or carved. My fascination about this culture inspired me to create my version. This small sculpture only 6″ tall, and the second carving of the series that I’m planning to continue.

Natural white semi translucent alabaster symbol carving with high polished surface, stands on a self collected black and white Gneiss base, that polished as well. Hand carved with traditional hand tools, polished with sand papers up to 2000 grit smoothness and shine. Sealed and buffed with natural non toxic bee wax. Signed and dated.

6″ x 3″ x 1.75″           15 x 7.5 x 4.5 cm                     0.392 kg.

Showcase of original sculptures, and colorful stone carvings direct by Canadian artist. Soapstone and alabaster stones are the main medium, but some interesting stone specimen carvings also available for purchase. All carvings, by Gabriella /sagastone/ signed and dated, an authentication certificate always attached with the carving.
Custom carving request always welcome. Soapstone and alabaster pieces on stock most of the time, however all carving require different size and color.

2 reviews for Alabaster symbol carving, Koru small sculpture

  1. Tuppy

    Second sculpture from Gabriella, gorgeous stone, beautifully mounted.

    • S.Gaby

      Thank you. ( and once again, sorry for the longer than usual shipping time )

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