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  • Light blue oval shape silver set gemstone pendant

    Arizona Chrysocolla, light blue mineral pendant

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  • Moonstone with blue flash

    Moonstone necklace, free form charm pendant

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  • Jungle green gemstone, amazonite pendant

    Green crystal pendant Amazonite gemstone jewelry

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  • Real jade gemstone with silver setting

    Canadian polar jade, silver set oval pendant

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  • Transparent agate gemstone with weed inside of it

    Silver wrapped Moss Agate pendant, necklace

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  • Large designed clear quartz pendant

    Quartz pendant natural crystal handmade necklace

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  • Oval shape black Jade pendant necklace

    Nephrite mineral, black Jade oval shape pendant

    Sale! $46.00 $42.00
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  • Large oval stone with purple crystals pendant

    Purple crystal rare gemstone Sillimanite pendant

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  • Small blue crystal charm necklace

    Genuine blue crystals, Dominican Larimar charm

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  • Tall and wide green Jade stone silver set pendant

    Green Jade stone necklace for all age and gender

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  • Long teardrop shape Nephrite Jade stone pendant

    Nephrite jade necklace unisex gemstone jewelry

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  • Pink color Jasper, free form shape pendant

    Pink color Jasper, free form shape pendant

    Sale! $27.00 $25.00
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  • copper wired, Leopard skin Jasper

    Trendy Jewelry copper wired Leopard skin Jasper

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  • Copper wire wrapped, fashion jewelry

    Copper wire wrapped jewelry, black slag pendant

    Sale! $25.00 $22.00
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  • blue lace agate necklace

    Free form shape, blue lace agate charm necklace

    Sale! $27.00 $24.00
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  • Natural Tiger eye gemstone pendant

    Natural Tiger eye, designed gemstone pendant

    Sale! $31.00 $29.00
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Showing all 16 results