Hand carved stone figurines

Cute hand carved stone figurines and useful original carving, direct by Canadian artist. Affordable small and medium size minimalist art soapstone and alabaster carvings.

Soapstone is a wonderful carving medium for professionals and amateurs equally. The wide variety of colors inspires one to carve lovely figurines or artists to create a master piece sculpture.
It doesn’t require expensive cutting equipment, basic hand tools such as rasps and files for shaping, and sand paper for polishing is sufficient for finishing a piece.
Soapstone carving is a great educational occupation for children, and a life-long hobby for everyone.

All hand carved stone figurines listed available with next day shipping.

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  • White alabaster owl carving on a round shape black stone bae

    Alabaster owl carving, fantasy small sculpture

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  • Hand carver soapstone turtle figurine

    Hand carved turtle, green soapstone figurine

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  • The three wise monkeys carving on black stone panel

    The three wise monkeys, hand carved stone panel

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  • Soapstone mini bear, minimalist style carving

    Soapstone mini bear, minimalist style carving

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  • Soapstone alabaster various shapes and sizes pieces

    Soapstone alabaster, pieces for stone carving

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  • Hand carved bear figurine soapstone sculpture

    Hand carved bear figurine, brown soapstone

    Sale! $305.00
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  • Light green owl figurine on agate base

    Owl stone figurine carving, on agate base

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  • Marble figurine stone human figur sculpture

    Marble figurine, Inukshuk stone stucture

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  • Marble turtle small sculpture

    Marble stone carving, large turtle figurine

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  • spread leg stone bear holding a book

    Fairy tale bear, hand carved soapstone figurine

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  • red stone dove figurine

    Red alabaster, minimalist dove figurine carving

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  • soapstone seal figurine

    Brown soapstone seal figurine, white agate base

    Sale! $45.00
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  • Jackson stone plaque

    Michael Jackson stone plaque antiquated wall art

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  • Business card holder,stone display

    Business card holder stone display, paper weight

    Sale! $27.00
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Showing all 14 results