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This page is a showcase of past orders’ stone carvings for your enjoyment and our record. Each sculpture, figurine, and stone thing are Gabriella’s work. Gemstones we cut and polished by Peter, and the settings wire wrappings were also by Gabriella.

Soapstone is my most favored and used medium. The variety of colors and patterns in the stone, is an inspiration itself for the next piece. Relatively easy to work with basic hand tools such as hand saw, rasps and files enough for cutting and shaping. For the polishing, standard and waterproof sand papers from grit 100 to 2000 used, to attain a bright shine. Soapstone is tend to dry, and fade if not sealed. A natural bee wax coating and buffing however keeps fresh and new looking for a long time. These unique shelf size sculptures sold and shipped to USA and Canada, some received review

Innuit stone symbol

Some figurines carved from cutoffs, and some purposely made to size. Carving stone expensive, sold by the pound. To minimize the waste, we use it all. Beside that, they make an excellent gift idea, what I can personalize if required.

Bears are all-time favorites, occasionally just can’t carve enough. With over 180 different colors and sizes of past orders sold so far, custom orders are always welcome for a new ones. Alabaster and soapstone need to be polished to attain the color, and because of that, these carvings are detailed in a minimalist style, which also makes them safe, ears, and tails won’t break off.

British Columbia is a rock paradise from far up north to down to the island. The surrounding Rocky mountains holds thousands of mineral specimen. Within an hour drive from Vancouver, one can fill the trunk of the car with jewelry quality raw gemstones in a few hours if conditions permits.

Innuit stone symbol

Most of our pendants cut from locally found stones. We do not treat, dye or alter our stones in any ways, these are all mother nature’s creations, with a little human touch.

  • red spotted gemstone pendant
  • green gemstone pendant
  • Amethyst pendant
  • Black Jade
  • Indigo Gabbro
  • Blue lace agate
  • Blue Quartz
  • Stripe agate
  • Dinosaur bone
  • Orange Calcite
  • deep green oval shape jade pendant
  • transparent red orange gemstone
  • Purple oval shape gemstone
  • blue green gemstone pendant
  • Dolphin carving Blue lace Agate
  • black oval shape gemstone pendant
  • flower pattern black gemstone
  • green stone with red ruby in it
  • sky blue large gestone pendant
  • Green pattern agate pendant
  • blue flash oval shape pendant
  • blue stone with red crystal pendant
  • beige Jasper triangle pendant
  • Yellow jasper pendant

Our collection keeps growing day by day. We also have a great network of fellow collectors, who we trade many of our find for theirs. New interesting and rare specimen listed almost every week in the shop. We also do custom shape and size cutting of your favorite gemstone.

Innuit stone symbol

Please note that, we polish our stones with the lapidary method. We don’t do rings, bracelets earrings, or sets, pendants only. Faceting is a different technology, different equipment required.

Innuit stone symbol

Art is art. These larger size sculptures more detailed and carved from carefully selected stones. Unfortunately the color and pattern unpredictable , it shows itself only at the polishing process, so it’s always a surprise.

Abstract is my favorite style, I see forms in every stone, it speaks to me, and tells me what it wanna be. Sometimes it feels like, it guides my hands like I wasn’t there at all. On the other hand thou, when I want to carve my own dreamed design, and finally found my stone, sometimes it’s a war between us, till gives up and let me do what I want.

These pieces were purchased by Canadian and US collectors. Thank you for your past orders and the support, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Sculptures of this size weights 30-40 lb hard to move. I do 2-3 shows a year where I exhibit my new carvings. Sign up for our newsletter to get updates, where you can see theme live, or use the contact pageto request pictures to see it in different perspective 

Innuit stone symbol

Drink coasters became a part of the north American culture. Used for advertising, promoting, gives a personal touch to home decoration, and an affordable gift idea for almost all occasions.

We have tested many stones to make coasters. The reason choosing Slate as best option, because of the absorbing ability and durability. The surfacebrushed, and non slippery, the carving shows nice and it’s easy to maintain. Coffee and red wine stain wipes off with wet cloth.

Slate slabs are cut to a perfect 4″ circle, the edges smooth sanded with a 3-step method. Each carving is made by hand, not sandblasted or laser cut. A wide variety of symbols and signs, but custom names and logo designs or whatever you find in past orders are always welcome. No extra charge for custom work.

On fairs and shows, they are hot sellers. Unfortunately the shipping cost is very unreasonable by all carriers, takes up almost 60% of the face value. We offer pick up, meet up, even delivery in the lower mainland.

Innuit stone symbol

A nice slide show of the variety of product what we sold. Alabaster sculpture, stone figurine,business card holder, and hand chiseled stone panels.

Many items custom orders, and personalized gifts.

Your comment appreciated, find it at the bottom of the page

  • Abstract with solid gold
  • Marble Polar bear
  • Business card holder
  • Bulgarian heritage
  • Soapstone wolf figurine
  • Piano card holder
  • Raindrops
  • Kokopelli
  • Custom Buddha
  • Hand chiseled Raven
  • Green Soapstone bear
  • Lotus alabaster
  • Alabaster Iphone display
  • Anhydrite abstract
  • Card holder black
  • Blue Anhydrite
  • Centaur panel
  • Cross finger alabaster
  • Custom business card display
  • Custom panel
  • Dancing salmons
  • Green Abstract
  • Large bear sculpture
  • Marble feather
  • Alabaster dragonfly
  • Alabaster fox figurine
  • Alabaster owl
  • Angel wing
  • Anhydrite granite
  • Black Marble Abstract
  • Marble sculpture
  • Marble stone carving
  • Open book holder
  • Orca card holder
  • Orca sculpture
  • Orca tail
  • Pink abstract
  • Raspberry alabaster
  • Red stone alabaster
  • Slate panel
  • Soapstone Inukshuk
  • stone display custom
  • The Seed
  • Travertine panel
  • Tree of life symbol
  • Wave
  • White Marble relief
  • Wolf
  • Wonder stone desktop

Your custom order always on priority, depending on the detail work, but usually ready to ship within a week. Gemstone pendants going fast, but whatever stone you like, might be some raw left for custom cutting.

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