Sagastone is a mom and pop owned and operated small stone carving and polishing business in Vancouver British Columbia. In our home based basement workshop we creating unique original stone carvings, and mostly locally collected natural crystal and mineral hand polished gemstone pendants.

Gaby and Peter portrait picture
Gabriella is the stone carver and Peter doing the gemstone cutting

Our first online shop gone viral in 2013, and just recently celebrated our 5000th sale. The obsession with stones began over 35 years ago, back in east Europe by taking an apprentice job to carve tombstones. Working with basic hand tools, such as mallet and chisel, takes awhile to get use to, but as my master always said ” get to know your stone first” and the rest is just routine. Nothing is more important than this observation, every stone, even if it’s from the same boulder behave different, some times it feels like has a mind on its own. Maybe the best precedents would be proper here, that Michelangelo was looking for the perfect stone for years, to carve one of his best known sculpture David.
However carving a sculpture, begins with a determination. By having an inspiration to create a specific piece, requires to find the perfect stone, or to find the stone what gives the inspiration and speaks to us. We’re mostly following the latter option, since being nature lovers, enjoying hikes and camp-out in the Rocky mountains, what we call a rock paradise, collecting our own stones and gems.
We believe every stone specimen is a nature created art itself, with our human touch, just bringing out the thru beauty what’s hidden inside of it. We never dye, modify, or alter its original state, and never use any chemicals, harmful additives to enhance it.
All items on the shop page is our original handmade works, available to purchase on a reasonable price. To personalize, or customize a carving or pendant, use the contact page to tell us your idea. Usually we reply within 24 hours.
We do not sell raw stone supply, tools, equipment or wholesale. However we welcome fellow stone collectors trade offers.