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  • Stone cat figurine original mini sculpture

    Stone cat figurine, hand carved black mini sculpture

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  • Figurative abstract sculpture Black stone woman with gold implantation

    Figurative abstract sculpture, stone with gold

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  • Dove minimalist stone carving with large wings

    Minimalist stone carving, green small sculpture

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  • blue lily sculpture

    Traditionally stone carving blue Lily sculpture

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  • Marble abstract sculpture

    Modern marble sculpture on black granite base

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  • Green stone Salmons sculpture

    Abstract stone art, original,salmon sculpture

    Sale! $280.00
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  • White stone art, abstract sculpture

    White stone art, abstract sculpture, Alabaster

    Sale! $620.00
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  • stone abstract carving

    Light green stone art, contemporary sculpture

    Sale! $260.00
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Showing all 8 results