Stone carving and delightful gemstone pendants

Individual stone carving, and semi-precious gemstone jewelry online store. Mom and pop operated Canadian small business, that sells only their handmade creations

Original sculptures

Hand-carved original stone carving, sculptures direct by the artist Gabriella. Fantasy and symbol inspirational designs, with a little unique style. Traditionally mallet and chisel carved pieces with a high polished surface. Signed and dated, authentication certificate attached with every piece.

  • raw soapstone boulder
  • cut to shape raw stone
  • Shaped raw sculpting
  • chiseled half ready carving
  • outlined stone
  • side view of process
  • drilled sculpture with holes
  • right side view
  • filing a sculpture
  • smoothing begins
  • second phase smoothing
  • 600 grit sanding
  • sanding with 1000
  • sculpture shape finish
  • no base stone yet
  • pictured in natural light
  • the finished abstract sculpture

Mediums: Soapstone, Alabaster, Marble, Brucite, Chlorite, Wonder stone, Sandstone, Anhydrite,

Stone carvings by gabriella
stone carving by Gabriella

Vibrant golden Tiger eye pendant, large oval gemstone necklace

Handmade gemstone jewelry

Hand polished natural semi-precious gemstone pendants/ necklaces. Over 200 listings available. New ones uploaded daily. We can custom cut your favorite stone, inquire about our raw stock, we might have it.

Innuit stone symbol

Common minerals: Agates, Jasper, Blood stone, Aventurine, Chrysocolla, Labradorite, Sodalite, Tiger eye blue or gold

Specialties: Aquamarine, Dallasite, Vivianite, Nephrite Jade black and green, Argillite, Maw sit sit

The gemstone pendants, set with sterling silver wire wrapping, and with a silver plated snake chain necklace.

Figurines stone carving

Cute and colorful small-size hand-carved original stone figurines by Gabriella Sarlos. These mini-sculptures can make a thoughtful gift idea for BFF, anniversary, or a desktop office decoration for mom. We have sold over 150 bear stone carving, which makes it or hot seller. Lots of themes are made for a custom order, which we gladly do for your request also. Raw soapstone is always on stock, in a variety of sizes and colors. All figurines are signed, dated, and we can personalize them to your liking by adding names, logos, or a short message to them for free of charge.

Mediums: Soapstone, Alabaster /Italian, Spanish, and pink Colorado, Black wonder stone, Black and green Chlorite

All listed item available, and ready to next day shipping.

Custom orders depending on size and details, but usually ready in 10-12 days. Daily progress pictures sent by request.

Black cat figurine abstract, stone carving

Black stone coasters hand carved Op art design
Innuit stone symbol

Don’t you just hate it, when you pick up your drink, and the coaster comes with it? Well… we guarantee that these hand-carved stone coasters won’t stick to the glass. Selected crack-free stone slabs cut to round shape with smooth sanded edges. The surface is brushed, sort of coarse, but smooth enough to show the unique carvings, what’s Gabrialla’s handwork. Mostly meaningful symbols or eye-catching signs are the subjects, but custom stone carving like names, logos are always available for your request.

The back of the coaster is cork padded to avoid slippage and to protect the surface of the furniture.

Drink coasters are became part of the north American culture, what makes these unique pieces an affordable gift idea for all occasions.

Available stones: Black and green Slate, marble, limestone, travertine,

How we polish gemstone

We cut and polish semi-precious gemstones with a nine level lapidary method. Using mostly self collected natural crystals and minerals, prospected in the Canadian Rocky mountains from far up the arctic circle down to Vancouver island. To make it as a jewelry, we developed a minimalist style wire wrapping pattern, what focuses to show the entire size of the stone, yet holds it firm and safe in place. These gemstone pendants with sterling silver setting, suitable for both gender of any age to wear it as a fashion jewelry or as a spiritual helper.

The abstract pattern looking stone in the slide show, our pride and joy. Dallasite named by the place it found, but nothing to do with Dallas. Sorry cowboys and stars fans, but it’s ours. Dallas road or beech in Victoria, Vancouver island, and the seashores where one can hunt for this specimen.

  • Dallasite gemstone pendant
  • Raw Dallasite mineral
  • Dallasite unpolished slabs
  • polishing phase 1
  • polishing phase 2
  • polishing phase 3
  • basic wire wrapping
  • tightening the tops
  • using a plyers
  • folding in the chain ring
  • bending the back side
  • the side view
  • that's how it looks finished
  • photographing in front of raw stone
  • comparing size to my hand

  • about a 150 lb soapstone boulder
  • the raw stone before shaping
  • outlining to cut out basic shape
  • cutting out with saw
  • take out access stone
  • light chiseling
  • shaping with mallet and chisel
  • lining up the legs
  • still working upside down
  • the look after the chisel
  • giving head and ears dept
  • last details with the chisel
  • now it's filing time
  • rasp and files smoothing
  • detailing with coarse file
  • head starting to take shape
  • last stage with a smoother rasp
  • coarse send papering
  • getting smoother and smoother
  • this's the final shape
  • and that's how it looks polished
  • right side view
  • left side view
  • that's me with my bear

How we carve a large soapstone bear

This baby carved from a 31 kg boulder. As you can see raw soapstone just a piece of gray rock, pouring water on it gives a basic idea of the color, but never know what’s inside.

Soapstone is a kind of soft rock 2 on the scale of 1-10, it can take a light chiseling, but using saw and files recommended.

Once the shape filed out, a long polishing process begin with 100 grit sand paper, and always doubling the grit, goes up to 2000, what gives a shiny very smooth surface. A bee wax coating and buffing keeps the stone from drying out, and keeps fresh and new looking for a long time.

The bear sculpture ended up 17.54 kg, 40 x 22 x 20.5 cm find its new home in Arizona.

Our favorite figurine, just can’t carve enough of it. This spread arm human shape structure built by the Inuit people far north. The meaning, basically is a sign post. On places like the arctic, where the landscape changes by the hour, only the local native people can orientated, however sometimes they need some help too. At major nodes they build this Inukshuk, large enough to be visible from a distance, so they can find the way home, what’s the original meaning of the word Inukshuk.

Inukshuk became the official symbol of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver British Columbia Canada.

Black stone spread armed human figurine carving

Inuksuit are placed throughout the Arctic landscape acting as “helpers” to the Inuit. Among their many practical functions, they are used as hunting and navigational aids, coordination points and message centres (e.g., they might indicate where food was cached). In addition to their earthly functions, certain inuksuk-like figures have spiritual connotations, and are objects of veneration, often marking the spiritual landscape of the Inummariit — the Inuit who know how to survive on the land living in their traditional way.

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